Quaker City Drag Strip  9-20-08

Charley and I went racing again. Here are pictures of a couple of time trials we ran.
I didn't quite make it to the elimination rounds... well I made it but didn't get even a single run in... reason shown below.

Charley's first run... ran high 13's, didn't make it to the 100 mph club yet


  Ran   11.869@ 115.98




Now this should be fun.

Someone is a little slow to stage ....



Charley makes the 100 mph club, and I run 11.818

Then it was time for eliminations... bracket racing.
The car sat for a long time and it was cooling off so I dialed in at 11.75
Was running an 03 Cobra that was dialed in at 12.30
Was at the line but had a problem on my launch.... it was ugly

Yep that was the front of my drive shaft !


This is the back half of the 2 piece drive shaft. It was in bad shape too, I blew up the CV joint!


Here it is after removal.


It has now been replaced with a Dynotech  single piece aluminum driveshaft that is 30 pounds lighter and rated for 900 hp!



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